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To claim back money for travel expenses, add your name and how much you expect to the table for the respective event, and email me adam.griffin (at warwick) copies of receipts or tickets, or upload them here if you know how. If you don't have any evidence, let me know.

What about beer expenses? --Anthony 21:55, 27 July 2011 (UTC)

Leamington, Wedding: 3rd December 2011

Will anyone want travel expenses to Leamington?

Name Amount Claimed Evidence (if poss)
Adam - -
Nicky -
Dave Grist - -
Ant - -
Bob - -
Sarah - -

Canalside: 9th July 2011

Include with this any other PA hire I haven't settled with you yet.

Name Amount Claimed Evidence (if poss)
Adam £10 Tickets got
Nicky none
Dave Grist £41.10
Ant ~£10 petrol
Bob £10

Lake District Gigs: 15th-16th July 2011

There is a 5p/litre off voucher for tesco as well. Put it in the table if this is a valid alternative for part of the cash. (I've got evidence from Iven and Sarah, but others will need to add to the table }Adam{ 10:57, 18 July 2011 (UTC))

Name Amount Claimed Evidence (if poss)
Adam £5 Tickets got
Nicky/Jake £1.60+£3.20 / £2 tickets got (i accidentally bought the wrong one on the way back, so am ok to forfeit payment for my stupidity :-( )
Bob/Jen £60 Receipt for petrol for ~£30 purchased on way up if needed
Sarah £63.20 Evidence got.
Iven £10 Got and paid.
David Garman £14.80 +£12 from Lancaster Have binned tickets due to stupidity, have email about £14.80 ticket.