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1. General

1.1 This society shall be named "The University of Warwick Folk Society", hereafter referred to as "the Society".

1.2 This document shall serve as the definition of the Society. Amendment of this document shall be made only by motion passed at a general meeting (see below).

1.3 The administration of the Society's activities shall be coordinated by "The Warwick Folk Society Board", hereafter referred to as "the Board" and The Warwick Folk Society Executive Committee" herafter referred to as "the Exec" both defined herein.

1.4 The Society is a member of The University of Warwick Students' Union, herafter referred to as "the Union" and the Society's Officers, funds, and all its activities shall be subject to the provisions of the Union's Constitution, Regulations and policy

1.5 Membership of the society shall be open to all full, associate and honorary members of the Union upon payment of the required subscription.

1.6 The Society is based in and around The University of Warwick, herafter referred to as "the University".

1.7 The Society is affiliated with the following organisations:

  • University of Warwick Music Centre.
  • The Inter Varsity Folk and Dance Festival (IVFDF).

1.8 The Society may provide services for free, or payment. The Society will hoever not permit payment in the form of alcoholic beverage unless it's worth is higher than £4 per pint.

2. Mission Statement

2.1 The Society shall have a written statement of its aims and objectives as part of this constitution, and shall be reviewed annually by The Exec.

2.2 The aims and objectives of The Society shall be:

  • To facilitate traditional folk dance and music on the University campus and in the surrounding area.
  • To facilitate other activities or activites in other areas where appropriate.
  • To be welcoming and all encompassing.
  • To be a thriving social scene.
  • To promote the continuation of tradition and excellence in our activities.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership of the society shall be open to all full, associate and honorary members of the Union upon payment of the required subscription.

3.2 Full membership is open only to full time students at the University of Warwick.

3.3 Associative membership shall be open to non-students who are associative members of the Union at a subscription rate which shall reflect the true cost of the facilities made available to the members of the society. Associative members do not hold the power of vote, but may hold non-executive offices in the Board (see below).

3.4 Subscriptions shall be set by the Executive Committee and subject to review.

4. General Meetings

4.1 The Society General Meeting shall be the sovereign body of the Society. It shall elect all Society offices, and may decide on any matter pertaining to the running or activities of the Society.

4.2 The society will hold at least one General Meeting a year, herafter referred to as "The Annual General Meeting" or "AGM". The calling of the AGM shall be the responsibility of the Exec, who are required to give at least 14 days notice to the membership.

4.3 Further general meetings shall be called either at the discretion of the Exec or by request of 20% or more of the Society membership, and are referred to as "Extraordinary General Meetings" or "EGMs". An EGM must be preceeded by at least 7 days notice to the membership.

4.4 The quorum of a general meeting is 20% of the full membership.

4.5 General meetings shall be chaired by the President or another member of the Exec at his discretion.

4.5 The AGM shall elect the Board and the Executive Commitee. Further elections can be held at EGMs.

4.6 Motions proposed at a general meeting shall be subject to the following:

4.6.1 Motions may be proposed and voted on by any full member of the society present at the general meeting.
4.6.2 Motions can be voted upon in any manner at the discretion of the chair.
4.6.4 A quorum must be present for motions to be passed.

5. Elections

5.1 Elections can be held at any quorate general meeting.

5.2 Elections confer membership of the board to those elected, see Office below.

5.3 Election will confer office for one year, or until the next AGM. After one year position will become emergency office (see below) until the next elections are held. There is no limit on consecutive re-election.

5.4 Votes in elections shall be by anonymous, single transferable vote, in line with the Union Constitution.

5.5 All full members of the society may vote in elections. Associative members may not vote.

5.6 A quorum must be present for elections to be held.

5.7 Any member of the Society may stand for election into the Board.

5.8 Candidates shall be given free and fair opportunity to make a speech.

6. The Board

6.1 Membership of the board shall be by election as detailed above. All those elected to the board will hold one of the offices detailed below. Full members of the Society who are members of the board are said to hold executive office and are members of the Executive Committee, unless they are specified to hold non-executive office at the time they are elected. There are some offices for which full membership is a requirement (see below).

6.2 The officers of the Board shall be appointed by election at a general meeting as detailed above.

6.3 No member of the Executive Committee can receive provision from the Society funds for any service or cause.

6.4 The Executive Committee shall be responible for:

  • The day to day running of the society
  • Communicating all appropriate information to the membership of the Society
  • Communication with other bodies and organisations in line with the aims of the Society
  • Organising the activities of the society
  • Facilitate non-Society local activity in line with the aims of the Society
  • The direction of the society's funds and assets
  • Calling the AGM
  • Facilitating any requirement of the Society due to it's membership of the Union
  • Maintaining The Scroll (see below).
  • Continued exeistence and membership of the Society and board

6.5 Officers of the board who are not on the executive committee shall be responsible for:

  • Assisting the Executive Committee in all detailed in 4.3
  • Providing advice and support to the executive Committee
  • Further responibility according to the details of their post, to include specifics of organising and running the society.

6.6 The offices of the board shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

These positions are required to be held by members of the Executive Committee.

6.7 The President is required to be an member of the Executive Committee. He shall have overall responsibility over the Board and the Society. He will chair all board meetings and general meetings.

6.8 The Treasurer is required to be an member of the Executive Committee. His responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the funds and assets of the Society
  • Formulating and submitting an annual budget request to the relevant Students' Union Department, after consultation with the board.
  • Being the next in line to the duties of the President
  • Be responsible for all transactions with Society assets
  • Keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of all Society assets

6.9 The Secretary is required to be an member of the Executive Committee. His responsibilities include:

  • Communication within and without the Society
  • Ensuring all meetings are acurately minuted

6.10 The board may include other offices including but not limited to the following:

  • Vice-president
  • Vice-treasurer
  • Vice-secretary

These offices may only be held by members of the Executive Committee:

6.11 The board may further include other offices including but not limited to the following:

  • Activity Coordinators
  • Publicity Officer
  • Webmaster
  • Liaison Officers

These and other positions are not required to be held by members of the Executive Committee.

6.12 The board shall keep a written record detailing the responsibilities of each office not detailed in this document. This record will form part of The Scroll (see below)

6.13 The board will hold regular (preferably weekly) meetings to discuss and organise the current activities of the Society.

6.14 Decisions amongst the board are by vote. Only executive committee members hold the power of vote.

7. The Scroll

7.1 The Scroll is a living document maintaned by the board with the purpose of defining, recording and assisting in Society activites past and present.

7.2 The Scroll shall include a record of all members of the Board, past and present

7.3 The Scroll will contain a guide to running the society to be utilised by new members of the board.