Societies Fair

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Societies Fair - 3rd October, 10-4

Fill in all the slots you are free, and then turn up for as much as you can make.

9-10 (setup) Adam, Alan
10-11 Tim,
11-12 Jen 2 (will be bit late and leave early as I have a lecture sandwich), David (May be late)
12-1 Nicky (if you need me) David
1-2 Jen (might be late), Alan , Jen 2 (likewise), Tim, David
2-3 Jen, Jen 2, Tim, David, Alan
3-4 Jen, Alan, Jen 2, Tim, David
4-5 (pack up) Jen, Alan, Jen 2, Tim, David
Don't know Adam(can't do 3-5),