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On the 23rd of January 2009 Warwick Folk launch their new Wiki. A day that will live in infamy.

Welcome to the Warwick Folk Wiki! Here you will find diverse information on the society, and many other things too.

See also our website:

The Society

Exec Roles

Society Constitution Draft

Society Constitution as approved at AGM

Minutes of Meetings



Songs: A directory of songs for your delactaci... delecta... perusal. Feel free to add some new ones for us!

Rapper Dances: Descriptions of Warwick Rapper dances, both old and new

Dance Books

Folk Clubs Some places we've had word of....


Travel Expenses To claim money back for getting to and from gigs.


ICBINI - for all your festival-organising needs!

Societies Fair To sort out who is on the stall when (will include performance slot once known.)

Rapper: A resource for the Rapper team, Notes on figures, Crib Sheet, Dances, feedback on practices, Tour Availability.

Availability of the Rapper Side

Ceilidh Band Gigs: Band Member Availability.

Current events: A list of things we have done. (Please Update!)

Local Contacts: A list of callers, bands, tutors, etc. Exec login can see extended (Contact) info

The Scroll (Committee Area)

The Exec's guide to running the society. These pages are prefixed with 'Scroll:' and are editable only by members of the committee.


All other pages have no prefix, and can be edited by anyone. On these pages you can do whatever you like. Photos, feedback, event planning, whatever. It is an information database for everything past and present!