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Taking place from Friday 16th - Sunday 18th November 2012

Hopefully by keeping this up to date, we can make organising this a little bit easier.

Meeting Minutes

Things to bring

To sleeping venue on Friday

  • Signage for sleeping venue
  • Teabags! Instant coffee, Hot chocolate powder, Squash, Biscuits. Milk
  • Masking tape

(for sleeping venue floor, to mark out areas to keep clear ie path to fire exits)

  • Wristbands
  • Cash tin
  • Steward badges on lanyards, or string
  • Pizza / takeaway menus local to Canley / campus
  • Local taxi numbers / train timetables
  • Bin bags!!!
  • Pen and paper
  • First aid kit
  • Designated steward phone

On Saturday

  • The PA!
  • The frills: lights and drapes (these can stay in the car til the evening)
  • Gaffa
  • Signage for on campus: incl Arts Centre: front desk, ensemble room; Union: atrium, ikea space, Duck.
  • Cable ties
  • Clipboards/ringbinders

(for steward notes; I can provide three)

  • MORE Bin bags!
  • Any steward badges not already handed out
  • Rest of the wristbands
  • Cash tin
  • Paper and pens for ad hoc signage
  • First aid kits
  • Blu tac!

(we've specifically been asked to use this for signage in the atrium, as opposed to tape)

  • Marker pens for flipchart at front desk.
  • CD player for advanced e-ceilidh workshop (Jen G is bringing this)

The PA Odyssey

  • Saturday: for 10 o'clock, from B/J's house to Atrium
  • Saturday: at 1800 from Atrium to Cryfield
  • Saturday: at 2330 from Cryfield to Someone's House (Alan, Jen/Tim?)
  • Sunday: for 1200 from Someone's House to Atrium
  • Sunday: after 1500 from Atrium home to bed in its cupboard.

Current Jobs

Spread the word about the festival around campus! - ALL

  • email Silky with poster for screens on campus (done.)
  • event on SU website (needs editing, but the bare bones are there)
  • News article on SU homepage: email along with a 540 x 270 pixel picture and a title to james.deane@warwicksu.com

CelloAdam (talk) (done.)

Organisational Venues

  • Front desk: Music centre foyer - limited space, for general help requests, and centre for all stewards (manned all day both days)

Ticket Dispensation

  • Camping Tickets: To be given out on Friday night upon arrival at sleeping venues (one/two stewards at each)
  • Non-camping Weekend tickets/Saturday arrivals: From Front desk in Atrium
  • Ceilidh only tickets: Saturday night standard on door procedure, Sunday Surveilidh non ticketed, donations.

Event Venues

Include prices, times the space is availible, and confirmation of room booking.

Saturday Venue Price Timings Capacity (Practical capacity)
Cryfield £180 access from 6pm-11.30pm, bar 8-11 150 (120)
Ensemble room free! 10am-6pm 100 (50-60?)
IKEA space free 0900 -- 1300, 1700 -- 2200 50 (30?)
Atrium Free 10am-6pm lots (150?)
Mighty Duck Free 1000 -- 1900 110

Sunday Venue Price Timings Capacity
B2.02 & B2.04/5 free 9:00 - 11:00 60 (40?)
Atrium Free 1200 -- 1600 lots (150?)
Ensemble room Free 10:00 - 12:30 100 (50-60)
ACCR Free 10:00 - 12:30 150

  • Plan B:
    • Cryfield = big ceilidh
    • IKEA space, Ensemble room, atrium, CTT rooms = workshops
    • Atrium = survivors ceilidh
    • Mighty duck = session, folk club

Sleeping Venues

Include prices, times the space is available, and confirmation of venue booking. Please fill this in.

Sports centre showers not possible http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/sportscentre/general/charges/
Sleeping Venue Date contacted Contact-er Contact-ee Price Timings Confirmed? Capacity
Scout Hut (St Barbara's?) June Tom Elaine Synnott £70 ? 6pm Friday - 10am Saturday, 6pm Saturday - 10am Sunday (may be able to store some kit in the hut during the day - awaiting confirmation) Yes (pending confirmation of prices) 30 (may fit in a few more, we've never tried to fit that many adult sized people)
Canley Community Centre 07/08/12 Jen Jenny £300 total Out by 9am Sat and 10 or 11am Sun YES! >150

Programme of Events

  • Friday:
    • Informal dancing at sleeping venue: when enough people turn up - 23:00
  • Saturday:
    • Workshops: 10:00 - 18:00
    • Session: 10:00 - 16:00ish
    • Folk Club: 16:00ish - 18:00/19:00
    • Ceilidh: 20:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday:
    • Workshops: 10:00 - 12:00
    • Surveilidh: 13:00 - 16:00
  • People we are inviting
    • Student folk societies: Exeter, Sheffield, Leicester, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester(+Rhodri?), Nottingham, Bangor, York, Leeds, Southampton
    • Warwick student societies: Irish dance, dance societies (salsa, tango, latin and ballroom, bellydance), tap(?!), music societies
    • Non student: London Folkies, J2ohn, Local sides, the Alcester/PTom/Red Fox crowd...

Email contact list

Other university folk societies

glasgow rscds durham - no email address on website! Argh!

ausds@abdn.ac.uk bag@ragmorris.com molly@cusu.cam.ac.uk ceilidh@cusu.cam.ac.uk round@cusu.cam.ac.uk president@eufolksoc.org.uk Exeterfolksoc@gmail.com celticsoc@st-andrews.ac.uk ceilidh.soc@shef.ac.uk SotonFolkSoc@gmail.com pcyig@nottingham.ac.uk info@manchesterceilidh.co.uk scottish.dance@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk scottishdancing@gmail.com (leeds) nscds@ed.ac.uk cadiha@unideb.bangor.ac.uk x folkandbarn@le.ac.uk x (all above sent, x didn't work)

facebook contact: Exeter, Durham, York, Swansea, Edinburgh, Heriott Watt, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield, Leeds, Cadi ha, Lampeter, (done or pending request approval)

Warwick Uni other societies to contact

(poss easier to do it via music centre/dance collective, etc?)

Non student groups

chocolate_rain_101@hotmail.com (Rowanne: Bournville Folkies)


  • Flyers for folkie events: Alcester, Peeps, Red Fox, J2ohn
  • Posters on campus
  • Facebook page [Done]
  • Directly contacting other folk societies, see above.
  • Emailing Warwick Societies (email social secs...)
  • Union wall calendar [Done]
  • Our page on the Union website
  • Our website [Done]
  • Poster board in music centre
  • Is there a music centre calendar of any sort?? [Yes; email Lizzie in the MC office and it'll go on the MC publicity }Adam{ ]
  • Our own mailing list
  • The Bubble...
  • Busking in week 7?