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The Publicity Officer

  • The Publicity Officer is responsible for coordinating the promotion of the society, raising awareness, and encouraging people to turn up to things.
  • The publicity officer coordinates the design of fliers, brochures, posters and the programme, and has them produced.
  • The publicity officer creates the rota for putting up posters.
  • The publicity officer communicates with the Union Marketing department.
  • The publicity officer has to work closely with the rest of the exec, and be happy to talk to members of the society and of the public.
  • The publicity officer creates facebook groups for special events
  • The publicity officer keeps a detailed list of the best routes for promotion, and establishes new routes, and documents them as part of this Wiki.

The publicity officer role is one of facilitation and coordination. They should not be left to design, produce, and distribute all of the publicity single handed. Getting people to turn up to things is very important, particularly for the ceilidhs, and so the whole committee, and as many members of the society as possible need to be involved in the publicity process.

At Committee Meetings

  • The publicity officer identifies what publicity has been created, and how much it cost.
  • The publicity officer identifies where the publiticy needs to go, what action is required by whom.
  • The publicity officer brings paper based publicity to the meeting and gives them to people, so no one can get out of having to do something with them
  • The publiticy officer presents the rota (who, times and places) on where posters need to go.
  • The publicity officer coordinates busking events with the band leader.
  • The publicity officer initiates discussion of proposed designs for publicity.