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  • The IVFDF Rep is responsible for communications with IVFDF
  • The IVFDF Rep keeps the committee informed of developments from central IVFDF
  • The IVFDF Rep arranges tickets and transport to the IVFDF Festival
  • The IVFDF Rep attends the Reps meeting on the Sunday morning of the festival with one other member of the exec
  • The IVFDF Rep reports the content of this meeting back to the committee at the meeting following the festival, and adds it to the scroll.
  • The IVFDF Rep informs the festival as to what teams/displays we will have at the festival
  • The IVFDF Rep is in the absence of a Festival Rep, coordinates attendance at festivals over the summer with interested members.

At Committee Meetings

  • The IVFDF Rep needs only to attend committee meetings where there is something to report
  • The IVFDF Rep reports on any developments regarding IVFDF, and reports back to the committee as to what happend at the Reps meeting.