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This page details all books and sources of dance notation the members of the society know about, own or otherwise have access to.


  • [[1]] John Brown's website has a good selection of dances for a beginning caller.
  • [[2]] The Round in Cambridge have a good selection of Playford resources
  • [[3]] Colin Hume's website


Ceilidh books

  • Community Dances Manual - A good selection of dances for ceilidhs and English folk dances [Bob]
  • Callers' Choice 1&2 - EFDSS [Bob]
  • The Country Dance Club Book - Hugh Stewart of The Round [Bob]
  • Night of the Fight - Martyn Harvey [Bob]
  • Ceilidh Dances for 21st Century - Martyn Harvey [Bob]
  • Cutlers Collection [Bob]
  • The Willow Tree - Hugh Rippon [Bob]
  • Occasional dances - Roland Higson [Bob]

Playford Books

  • Pat Shaw Collection 2&3 [Bob]
  • Dances with a difference 1,2,4,5 - Colin Hume, mostly quite advanced [Bob]

Contra books

  • Balance and Swing - Ted Sanella (also squares and triplets) [Bob]
  • Swing the Next - Ted Sanella (Also squares, triplets and circles) [Bob]
  • 21st Century Contras - Devin Nordson [Bob]
  • Zesty Contras [Bob]
  • To Live is to Dance - Jim Kitch [Bob]

Square dancing books

  • Squares with a difference volumes 1,2 - Colin Hume's dances, not generally for the faint of heart [Bob]
  • The American Square Dance - More old style and historical
  • Calling Traditional New England Squares - Ted Sanella