University of Warwick Folk Society

Swords, shoes and science..

If your life is missing some excitement, then come and join our rapper team and learn to weave steel! Rapper is a type of sword dancing from Northumberland and County Durham in the north of England; if you have been to one of our ceilidhs then you may have already seen our rapper side.

I've never been particularly good at dropping rhymes...

Umm.. let me explain. Rapper is where a team of five people (or sometimes more) dance holding sprung steel ‘rapper’ swords, which they use to make interesting shapes like the rapper lock, jump and somersault over and generally tie themselves in knots and then miraculously untie themselves again. In addition there are one or two “characters” that interact with the dancers and the audience. The rapper side dances at several festivals through the year and we also like to go and terrorise pubs with our swordplay on rapper crawls. Rapper is mentally and physically engaging, and traditionally English. And we love it!

Want to give it a go?

No previous experience required, just come along and give it a go! We also need musicians, so if you don’t want to dance but love playing jigs come and join us!

6-8pm on Wednesdays


Westwood Music Room 2