University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2017/2018

Don the Elephant

Don is our mascot. He can be found at any of our ceilidhs, and also comes with us to ICBINI and IVFDF. He likes to meet members of the society and is very quick to make friends. He is always looking for a dance!

Publicity Officer Theo

A third year physics undergrad, Theo did an amazing job as publicity officer of Warwick Folk before he was 'forcibly removed' (if you'll believe our secretary). Among his many achievements was pioneering the "big-ass posters" (no-one actually calls them that, I just felt like writing that), and oft repeating the phrase "Music, dancing, and fun!". Huzzah!

(Edit: the exact wording used by our secretary was that he would 'sadly be forced to leave us', clearly implying an external pressure (i.e. studies) was the thing 'forcing' him to leave. He did an excellent job and should be remembered as a true innovator in the art of making big-ass posters)


When we go to IVFDF we like to go with the Flo!

Dance Club Coordinator James

One day James woke up and the dance was in him. And he was in the dance. He is the Lord of the Dance.

Band Leader Benjamin

Benjamin grew up in the folk scene, but really came into his own after joining Warwick Folk, both as a musician and a dancer. A third year maths undergrad, Benjamin plays with bands Contrasaurus and Knotted Chord, and is the custodian of 22 dinosaurs. He is also good friends with Don, as can be seen in this image.

Rapper Coordinator James

As well as dancing, james like weapons, so we put him in charge of our sword dancing. Huzzah!

Secretary Rowan

A second year maths student, our masterful secretary Rowan always sends out emails on time! His hobbies include: drinking whiskey with strangers on trains, timing our exec meetings, and dirty talk.

Treasurer Benjamin

Benjamin also manages the money for Warwick folk. You can find him leading band on Monday evenings and at ceilidhs, on front desk at ceilidhs, doing sound at ceilidhs, playing music for rapper (or dancing), or catch him at a dance like Alcester or CZP. Whee.

President Flo

is full of beans.