University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2015/2016

President - Charlotte Rich

In the spirit of people giving in when no one runs for president, Charlotte is in charge this year. She's specialises in short (if not necessarily useful) exec meetings. When not sitting in her presidential chair, she can be found playing violin or piano in band, and calling and dancing at our ceilidh club. She occasionally does a Biology PhD....

Treasurer - Emma

Emma ran for treasurer not just because Nicky told her to or because Sam begged her to so that he didn’t have to, but because she’s a mathematician and therefore “might be able to work with numbers”. It is her responsibility to look after our ‘petty’ cash, know how much we have to spend on stuff and chase people who don’t pay the society quickly enough. We’re also hoping that Tim doesn’t manage to convince her to put jump suits in the yearly clothing order… She can often be found playing the flute in band and dancing at all of the ceilidhs and contras.

Band Leader - Adam

Adam has been in Warwick Folk since before it existed, and is this year's band leader. He plays the cello. And the guitar. And he's got an octave mandolin and a ukulele. If you have any questions that none of the other folkies can answer, try Adam. He might not be right, but it might be funny to watch him struggle.

Dance Club Co-ordinator - Charlotte Rich

See above about giving in when no one else runs for a position... Charlotte is very keen to run exciting dance clubs and has so far co-ordinated bal folk, molly dancing, and contra workshops. If you have a great idea for a dance workshop, just let her know. Stay tuned for many more exciting workshops this year.

Webmonkey Tim

Tim continues to slowly progressively update the website. It should now work on mobile, woohoo! Also, check out the new super-fancy IVFDF 2016 pages accessed by clicking the starry link above. Tim attends most folk things and plays guitar, bodhran and a bit of accordion.

Publicity Officer - Grace

Grace likes folk, making posters and photoshopping cats into places they shouldn’t be – and it just so happens that publicity officer allows her to do all of those things at once. Making poster rotas and facebook events doesn’t require any shouting (which Adam now masterfully takes care of) which leaves more time for playing the fiddle in band and sessions, and valiantly trying to stick posters in places to high for her to reach.

Rapper Coordinator - Alan

Alan feels like he's starting to get old as this year he's just starting his PhD, but is not particularly wise as evidenced by his decision to stand to be rapper coordinator! If you'd like to come and dance with bendy bits of metal to driving music both in practices (on Friday evenings), in the local area, and at the odd festival here and there too he's the man to talk to. When not coordinating rapper, Alan is usually seen menacing poor unsuspecting dancers with his accordion.