University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2014/2015

President - Jen 2 (PresiJen)

Jen did such a good job of doing all of the things last year that she was incredibly enthusiastic about doing it again this year and absolutely didn't nominate herself because no one else wanted to lead the society! She is great at chairing incredibly efficient meetings and, according to Sam, telling him what to do. It is often difficult to separate her from the society mascot Don and he has been taken into protective custody by Anna for the foreseeable future – it’s okay though, she still has her elephantine hat! When not organising the rest of the exec, Jen can be found playing the violin in band, rapper dancing or dancing at any of the ceilidhs/contras, or hiding in the maths department as she is an enthusiastic mathematician.

Treasurer - Emma

Emma ran for treasurer not just because Nicky told her to or because Sam begged her to so that he didn’t have to, but because she’s a mathematician and therefore “might be able to work with numbers”. It is her responsibility to look after our ‘petty’ cash, know how much we have to spend on stuff and chase people who don’t pay the society quickly enough. We’re also hoping that Tim doesn’t manage to convince her to put jump suits in the yearly clothing order… She can often be found playing the flute in band and dancing at all of the ceilidhs and contras.

Secretary - Sam

After managing to smile for a whole year doing publicity, Sam had (almost) had enough of people and wanted to hug people from the comfort of his room instead – thus he is now responsible for sending all of the weekly emails (he’ll apparently send them ONCE A WEEK! Can you believe that?) and has promised to make them as doge themed as possible. When he does venture outside, he can be found playing… Umm… Well… Either the guitar, the bass, the 12 string guitar or the bouzouki in band. Feel free to give him a hug if you seem him, but try not to confuse him with Adam as they are practically the same from behind!

Band Leader - Grace

Grace decided she wanted a turn to try mastering shouting at the band whilst playing – and quickly decided against this in favour of the more voice-saving raised leg approach. She has the exciting idea of getting the society to do more singing in sessions as well as playing music for listening! Whilst organising all the band peoples, she has promised to send concise messages :D! We’re still not sure if it’s possible for band leaders to do this, but we hope to find out very soon. She can often be found hiding behind people and playing the violin in band or for rapper. It should be noted that her favourite ice cream flavour is cookie dough and we are certain this will be a crucial factor to her success as band leader.

Publicity Officer - Anna

Anna’s knack of bringing her entire kitchen to all of the ceilidhs has earned her the job of getting ALL of the people to come to ALL of the ceilidhs. It is her responsibility to make sure that everyone around campus knows about our events and as many people as possible come to them. When not doing her maths degree or looking after Don the Elephant, she can be found playing violin in band or dancing at rapper/ceilidhs. Despite not really using Facebook, Anna said she would even put it on her phone if she had to. We were so impressed by her commitment to the cause that we couldn’t think of anybody better to relieve Sam of his smiling duties.

Rapper Coordinator - Tim

Tim’s ability to step seemingly perfectly has earned him the responsibility of making sure we don’t cut anybody’s limbs off whilst teaching them how to tie themselves in knots with bendy pieces of metal. We’re sure that his home-beer-making skills will transfer perfectly into him being able to find awesome pubs for us to dance in. When not making the website look awesome, Tim can be found guitar-ing in band or dancing at rapper (obviously) and contras/ceilidhs.

IVFDF Rep/s – Alan and Laurie

From time immemorial, the Warwick Folk IVFDF rep has been entrusted with one very important job – to go to IVFDF and say no. Alan and Laurie both wanted to run for IVFDF rep and with Alan’s incredibly concise people organising skills and Laurie’s strange ability to talk to people, we figured the combination of the two of them was ideally suited to the task of organising the yearly society trip to IVFDF (YAY IVFDF!). It is their responsibility to make sure the society has transport to/from IVFDF as well as somewhere to sleep. However, the job of saying no was taken away from them after Bob, Jen 1 and Jake starting subverting the freshers… IVFDF

Dance Club Coordinator – Abhishek

Abhishek did such a good job of running dance club this year and was more than happy to run again this year that he got the job. He has exciting new plans for various workshops (both calling and dancing) alongside organising us a room, someone to play music and someone to call the dances. When not doing this, he can often be found dancing at any of our ceilidhs.

Webmaster/s – Sam and Tim

Tim and Sam both had plans for the wiki and the website. The combination of Tim making the website work and adding all kinds of fancy things (spinning rapper lock anybody?) whilst Sam updates the website was too awesome to pass up and thus they’re both in charge of making our website and wiki awesome this year.

Equipment Officer – Alan

This year, to give Alan’s voice a rest from shouting at the band, we’ve put him in charge of all of our equipment. This means it is his job to know where the equipment is, organise its movements and keep an up to date inventory of it. His uncanny ability to know where all of his own equipment is at any one given moment – and being able to retrieve it at a moments notice - make him perfectly suited to the task. When not terrorising other members of the society with waltzes, he can be found playing the accordion/melodeon in band or for rapper.