University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2013/2014

Jen 2 – President/Emperor Penguin

Jen is our president this year, so she will be organising things, delegating and chairing meetings, and according to Sam, telling him what to do. After a penguin themed ceilidh dance at our New Year ceilidh, we realised that ‘Jen 2’ sounds like ‘gentoo’, which is a type of penguin, hence her second title. She is an enthusiastic fiddler and ceilidh and contra dancer, and also a rapper crawl addict. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell Jen 2 apart from the society mascot Don, especially when she is wearing her elephant hat which she acquired at the last AGM.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band, sessions (though not drinking) and rapper

Treasurearrrrr/Publicity Officer Sam

Sam originally ran for publicity officer because “Folk are amazing people and I’ve had a wonderful time and I want to let people know about it so they can have as much fun”. Awww… When our other treasurer David had to step down he then didn’t manage to run away fast enough…sorry, agreed to be treasurer as well. Therefore, his job is to know how much we have to spend on transport and kit, to look after our ‘petty’ cash and to make sure posters about things are stuck to other things. He has also agreed to make a sandwich board (or ‘Samwich’ board) and wear it to lectures (with sandwiches of Adam’s choosing). We will be holding him to this.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band, sessions and rapper

Secretary Amy

Amy is responsible for all the emails you get telling you about the things that are happening (if you aren’t getting them, why have you not joined the society yet? It’s only £2.50!). She is very organised, and has the radical view that weekly emails should be sent out at least once a week, so we’re sure she will do a very good job, however we are slightly worried with a recent wish to paint herself blue and join a morris side. Amy is mostly to be found handing out cake and dancing, be it rapper, contra or ceilidh, but does not play in the band because she plays cello in ALL THE ORCHESTRAS already, and her cello would like a night off.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper

Alan - Our Glorious Leader

Having mastered the technique of shouting at the band whilst playing – which is harder than you might think – Alan has gone on to dizzying new heights and will spend his second year of band leading doing radical things like ADDING NEW TUNES TO THE BAND FOLDER. He spends any time he’s not using to awesomely play the melodeon and accordion trying to convert us all to a love of border morris. He is also an accomplished rapper, ceilidh and contra dancer, is addicted to sessions – including on minibuses and at 1am – and takes great pleasure in terrorising Adam with waltzes.

Found at: band (duh), sessionsessionsessionsessionsession, ceilidhs, dance club and rapper

Adam - Rapper Coordinator

As rapper coordinator, Adam is responsible for making sure we don’t break anyone or cut their fingers off, as well as organising places for us to dance where we won’t terrify too many people or make pub landlords angry. He also enjoys ceilidh and contra and playing a plethora of instruments in band and sessions, including a cello, a ukulele, an octave mandolin and a moustachioed guitar. Apparently, we are his favourite people (awww again), and we have that in writing (well, AGM minutes). Also, if he looks sad, don’t worry because he’s smiling on the inside :D

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper, band, sessions, the maths department


Josh’s job is to go to IVFDF and say no. He did this absolutely wonderfully last year, by saying no in 4 different ways, and with this wonderful qualification he easily won the job again.He is also the only person to have won an exec election for another society whilst on the bus back from IVFDF (we think this shows he loves us more) and is the society’s best kazoo player. He is an enthusiastic ceilidh and contra dancer, and particularly enjoys unusual dances, swinging and recently, hash called contra squares.

Found at: ceilidhs and dance club

Abhishek – Dance Coordinator

The dance coordinator’s job is to make sure we have a room for dance club, someone to play some music and someone to call dances. Abhishek plans to fit this in round his MASDOC. He enjoys ceilidh and contra and took part in an exciting improvised display square at IVFDF (Yay! IVFDF!).

Found at: dance club, ceilidhs

Equipment Officer Bob (Mad Scientist)

Bob is man of many folk related talents encompassing calling, percussion and driving the minibus (and the PA). He is in charge of making sure we have the right equipment, which mostly involves asking the tresurearr to pay for stuff. Although mostly to be found calling and inventing new dances, he also enjoys dancing rapper, ceilidh and contra and playing the bodhran when he can fit it in.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper and occasionally band and sessions

Webmonkey Tim

We almost forgot to elect this position at the AGM, and then Tim reminded us about it, because he wanted to run again. We originally gave him the job of making the website work to pass the time between beers and because he's a kick-ass compsci student. He then built a shiny new one that was very easy to make work, so he’s not really got anything to do this year…Tim loves guitaring, rapper, contra and ceilidh, and is on a mission to make the yearly society clothing order involve jumpsuits…

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band, sessions, rapper

Generally Helpful Person Tom

Tom does so many useful things, such as making BBQ soup and ensuring you can hear the band at ceilidhs (although some consider this unhelpful) that we though he deserved an exec position. He also enjoys ceilidh, contra and rapper dancing and playing melodeon and percussion.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band and rapper

Don the Elephant – Mascot

Don is to be seen at most of our major, exciting events. He is a large, affectionate stuffed elephant that you can wear like a rucksack. The rest of the time, he lives with Tim and Joe and Jen, where he slightly freaks out their housemates. Don likes ceilidh and contra, and also enjoys festivals where he can get to know other folksocs’ mascots. He’s never tried rapper, but thinks he would be a bit short for the Warwick side.

Found at: ceilidhs and festivals