University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2012/2013

President Adam

Adam is our president for this year and so his job is to organise everyone (believe me, this is not easy). Adam is enthusiastic about…um…well…. Anyway, he enjoys rapper, ceilidh and contra and playing a plethora of instruments in band and sessions, including a cello, a ukulele, a mandacello and a moustachioed guitar.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper, band, sessions, the maths department

Secretary David

We were so impressed by David’s minute taking skills and his to the point, almost-identical-to-last-weeks emails we thought we’d give him the job again. David enjoys ceilidh and contra dancing and is particularly good at swinging. He also owns a truly awesome hat and a guitar with tea strainers in it.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band and sessions (sometimes), rapper (occasionally)

Jen 2 - Guardian of the Treasure Chest

Jen's job is to know how much we have to spend on transport and kit as well as how much she can pilfer before anyone catches on. She is an enthusiastic fiddler and ceilidh and contra dancer, and more recently a rapper crawl addict.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band, sessions (though not drinking) and rapper

Publicity Officer Adam

Adam is also our part time publicity officer. He is ideally suited to the task of promoting the society due to his cheerful sunny disposition and positive outlook :D

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper, band, sessions, the maths department

Alan - Our Glorious Leader

Alan is having fun mastering the technique of shouting at the band whilst playing – which is harder than you might think. He spends any time he’s not using to awesomely play the melodeon and accordion trying to convert us all to a love of border morris. He is also an accomplished rapper, ceilidh and contra dancer, is addicted to sessions – including on minibuses and at 1am – and takes great pleasure in terrorising Adam with waltzes.

Found at: band (duh), sessionsessionsessionsessionsession, ceilidhs, dance club and rapper

Jen 4215 (The Mighty Matriarch)'s Blue Leg of Rapper Coodination

Jen is a devotee of odd socks and odd tights, which is how only one leg got elected. This leg does however do a good job of controlling not only her other leg but lots of others with lots of swords! (the people have swords, not the legs). Jen is an accomplished ceilidh, contra and rapper dancer and is incredibly fond of brightly coloured clothes and hair.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper, sessions (sometimes), the library


Josh’s job is to go to IVFDF and say no. He is an enthusiastic ceilidh and contra dancer, and particularly enjoys unusual dances and swinging.

Found at: ceilidhs and dance club

Equipment Officer Bob

Bob is man of many folk related talents encompassing calling, percussion and driving the minibus (and the PA). He is in charge of making sure we have the right equipment, which mostly involves asking Treasurer Jen to pay for stuff. Although mostly to be found calling and inventing new dances, he also enjoys dancing rapper, ceilidh and contra and playing the bodhran when he can fit it in.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, rapper and occasionally band and sessions

Webmonkey Tim

As predicted Tim is doing a fairly good job of filling the role of 'drunken fresher' previously held by David (incidentally, this post is now vacant if there are any takers). We gave him the job of making the website work to pass the time between beers and because he's a kick-ass compsci student. Tim loves guitaring, rapper, contra and ceilidh, especially swinging, although until recently his swinging was rather a health risk…

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band, sessions, rapper.

Generally Helpful Person Tom

Tom does so many useful things, such as making BBQ soup and ensuring you can hear the band at ceilidhs (although some consider this unhelpful) that we though he deserved an exec position. He also enjoys ceilidh, contra and rapper dancing and playing melodeon and percussion.

Found at: ceilidhs, dance club, band and rapper

Nicky - ICBINI Organiser

Although not officially on the exec, Nicky is the brains and enthusiasm behind Warwick ICBINI, so let her know if you want to get involved. Nicky is a skilled and enthusiastic fiddler and dancer, and she loves playing tunes, contra, ceilidh, rapper and cheese.

Found at: band, sessions, rapper, dance club and ceilidhs

Jake - Senior Economist/Rapper Sage

Although he is now very busy being a senior economist, Jake is still a great source of rapper wisdom, as well as being our Tommy and our Tumbler (you'll have to come to rapper to find out what that means..). Jake is a Lego enthusiast, a concertina player and has invented a dance based on the battle of Britain.

Found at: rapper, dance club and ceilidhs