University of Warwick Folk Society

Exec 2011/2012

President 1 - Nicola McConkey

Fiddle player, dancer and lover of cheese, Nicky is co-dictator this year and is thus half-responsible for the society.

President A - Bob Morgan

Bob is also co-dictator this year and is also half-responsible. You'll probably spot him at the ceilidhs telling you what to do.

Secretary - David Garman

David is to blame for the emails telling of all the wondrous folk events we're going to, also the reason there's no beer.

Treasurer - Adam Griffin

Adam is in charge of all the money this year, if you spot him sneaking off with our bulging petty cash box do let us know.

Publicity Officer - Jen

Desperately tries to ensure that every single student on campus in informed of the ceilidhs etc. often spotted wandering the library late at night. If you spot her ask her to polka, she'd love to.

Band Leader - Adam

Yep him again, except this time brandishing a cello, guitar or ukelele and trying to keep the band focussed during practices.

Rapper Instructor - Jake Wood

Rapper leader, talk to him if you want to know weaviing steel. Often to be found in the vicinity of pubs but not for very long - "happiness is a half pint and a three minute dance".

Webmaster - Anthony Dudson

Write and maintains the Warwick Folk Website. Ensures the website is up to date.