University of Warwick Folk Society

What is a Ceilidh?

Glad you asked. Basically, you get a load of musicians and a caller (someone who knows how the dances go) and plonk them at the end of a large room, then add some people. The caller will tell people to find partners and form into groups with other couples, and will then talk them through the dance a couple of times, before it is danced to music while the caller continues to talk through it. It’s great fun (and exercise if you’re interested in that kind of thing).

How do you pronounce that word?

Well it’s not anything like “ceiling”. Because of its Celtic origins, it is pronounced nothing like it’s spelt. In fact, it’s “kay-lee”.

Sounds great. When can I go to one?

Warwick Folk runs 3 ceilidhs a term hosted at either Cryfield Centre or the Warwick SU Atrium, with music by our own ceilidh band. It’s only £4 for society members, so come along! We also run trips to various local events such as Alcester Contras and Coventry Zesty Playford.

Ceilidh Club

This is where we try out more interesting dances with a smaller group of people. The band join us after their practice so we can have some live music (though band members dance too), and anyone who wants to have a go at calling is welcome. We love it when people bring us new dances to try, especially if they’ve had a go at writing their own and want some guinea pigs to try it out on and make adjustments.

7:00pm Even Mondays


Westwood Music Room 2

(Subject to change - check the weekly emails for more info!)