University of Warwick Folk Society

Welcome to Warwick Folk!

We are a cheerful, friendly bunch of only slightly insane people who are all passionate about folk. Whether you enjoy music or dancing, we are the society for you!

For just £3 of your student loan join the rest of us and become part of the most energetic and addictive society on campus! (We’re better than a Class-A drug! - Guaranteed)

We have our own ceilidh band which practises weekly, playing a range of dance tunes from both Britain and America. We also run sessions in the Dirty Duck, so if you have a favourite tune that isn’t in the band folder, come along and teach us.

But music is no use without some dancing, and so we host three ceilidhs a term and, for those who want to learn more challenging dancing or try calling, a fortnightly Ceilidh club. We also go to local dances where we astound them with our boundless energy.

As well as this, we learn a type of sword dancing from the North of England called Rapper, which we go to dance in pubs and competitions and perform at festivals. Whatever aspect of folk appeals to you we hope there’s something to suit you, and that you will try out something new as well!

WARNING: Warwick Folk is a highly addictive society and you may find it absorbs all your free time while you are at Warwick. Don’t say we didn’t tell you…

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